When Jussi Light, stepped down from leadership in June 2013, this site has ceased to be maintained.  For the current site, go here:

CAPS North County was formed in San Diego’s North County region in the fall of 2008.  We are Christian mental health professionals seeking to create and nurture professional relationships and fellowship with others.   We all sense a deep need for this kind of community. In many ways, the nature of our work drives this need. Many of us report feeling quite lonely, even those of us who have group practices with other therapists and staff on hand for between-session support or encouragement. Regardless of our work setting, most of us spend an enormous amount of time sitting with clients where our role is defined as the “helper” and there is no one else in the room with the job of helping us when we get stuck! We often face challenges that causes us personal distress and bring us face-to-face with the realization that we are limited and lacking. These factors make us feel alone.

As Christians, many of us approach our work with a belief in the transforming power of Jesus as Lord and savior – that a relationship with Him brings about healing and the power to overcome the kinds of problems our clients present with. Yet, we know that translating this belief system into actual interventions that occur in a 50-minute hour and are relevant to clients is a huge challenge. It gets complicated by other factors such as: What does an integration of faith and mental health look like when working with a non-Christian? How do we apply this in a setting where faith or religion are downplayed or outright rejected? How do we incorporate our particular faith when working with clients whose faiths might differ from ours in small or large ways? How do we lean on our non-Christian colleagues for support when we really need someone to talk with? These questions – and many more – present the basic conflicts within us that drives our need for community.

We hope you will find a sense of a community at CAPS-NC where an open exploration of our profession and the work we do can occur in a meanigful way with other peers.  We aim to create…

  • Safety to ensure that discussions about matters so close to the heart will occur with respect for each other’s ideas and views. When you gather a room full of professionals whose understanding, training, and experience are varied, conflict can emerge. Many of us get married to ideas – there’s often a lot at stake when ideas get brought into the open, challenged and added to.
  • Professional content to ensure that the discussions and presenters are first and foremost relevant to our work. The professional dilemmas involved with integrating our faith & work are the reason we gather together. We need ideas that are psychologically accurate, scripturally sound, and applicable to our clients.
  • Instruction is what everyone seems to want from presentations and discussions. Our community is interested in listening to and wrestling with ideas, incorporating new information, processing our feelings, and walking away feeling fed, informed and equipped. Presentations will aim to meet these needs.

We at CAPS hope that you’ll find this blog a useful way of staying in touch & staying informed.

Jussi Light

Some Basic facts about CAPS North County:

Frequency of meeting – Every other month

Fee: $10 to provide lunch

CAPS Information:

CAPS is a professional association of Christians who serve as:

  • Psychologists
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Professional Counselors
  • Pastoral Counselors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Professors & Researchers
  • Social Workers
  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Students & Professionals in Training

We exist to encourage…

  • Understanding of the relationship between Christianity and the behavioral sciences at both the clinical/counseling and the theoretical/research levels.
  • Fellowship among Christians in psychological and related professions.
  • The spiritual, emotional and professional well-being of our members.
  • Educational and research opportunities that assist the profession and the community at large.
  • Through its various programs, CAPS encourages the pursuit of excellence … in the counseling clinic, in the classroom, in the community and in the member’s spiritual and emotional life.

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