Jussi Light – November 2nd 2012

    Join us November 2nd when Jussi Light, LMFT presents Working with Parents and Teens using Emotionally Focused Therapy.  The bond between parents and children is arguably the strongest in all of human relationships – in scripture it is a metaphor given for God’s love towards us.  While that bond gets strained during adolescence, it often recovers as the family system shifts in response to the developmental changes underway.  Families who struggle to make this adjustment can get stuck in a cycle of conflict characterized by parental blaming and adolescent withdrawal and/or deception.  In more extreme cases, the emotional content of the parent’s communication towards the teen can negatively impact their developing sense of self and identity – and affect how teens view authority, and even God and faith.  But pointing out to a parent that they are doing something “wrong” that needs to “stop” can result in therapy that doesn’t go anywhere, or worse, therapists who give up on parents.  Attachment theory as applied in Emotionally Focused Therapy provides several solutions.  Join Jussi Light for a presentation on how EFT, which was originally developed for working with couples, has been broadened to apply to families and even spirituality.  Jussi Light is a certified EFT therapist & EFT supervisor-in-training.

Please RSVP to therapy@jussilight.com by 10/29/12.