Pamela Hollings – September 14th 2012

Pamela Hollings

Pamela Hollings

Join us September 14th when Pamela Hollings, LCSW  &  Therapy Dog, Champ present  The Human Health Benefits of a Therapy Dog in the Clinical Setting.   Dogs have often been referred to as “Man’s Best Friend.”  Research studies are now discovering the healing benefits animals can have on both the emotional and physical health of people.  Pamela Hollings will provide information on the neuroscience of pet therapy and also share anecdotal stories about Champ’s work.  Champ is truly an instrument of God used to teach people about the power of unconditional love and is deserving of the title as Man’s Best Friend.  Pamela is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Carlsbad, where she specializes in work with depression, anxiety and trauma recovery. Pamela also enjoys work with couples.  More information about Pamela can be found on her website at

Champ Having a Coffee Break

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