Lori Riddle-Walker – March 11th 2011

Lori Riddle-Walker will present When OCD and Religion Collide, a talk about OCD spectrum disorders and their treatment. This will include when religion and OCD meet in the form of scrupulosity. Scrupulosity, or an excessively sensitive moral conscience, can rob a person from experiencing authentic spirituality and cause religion to become a source of anxiety, frustration, and fear.   The goal of the presentation will be to help clinicians identify OCD when it takes this form and realistically evaluate readiness for therapy. The principles of exposure response prevention therapy, the standard in OCD treatment, will be explained and applied to case examples.  Lori is a licensed MFT, and a regular member of the Escondido 7th Day Adventist congregation. She has a BA in theology from Ambassador University and a MA in counseling psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies. She is currently enrolled as a doctoral student at Argosy University in San Diego.  

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