Jennie Jordan March 5th, 2010


Jennie Jordan of Jennie J Consulting will present “Putting God’s Knitting Needles to Work – Using the Myers-Briggs® to Understand Personality Preferences in the Therapeutic Process.”  Jennie will share the impact of personality types on communication and mental and spiritual health.  She will show us how understanding the four sets of personality preferences is foundational to creating a common language for similarities and differences as well as strengths and weaknesses.  Learning about this can help us unlock self-acceptance, hope and purpose in the lives of our clients and ourselves and lead to a healthy acceptance of differences.  Jennie has worked as an organizational development consultant, executive coach, leadership trainer, team builder and career transition facilitator for 17 years. She has used the Myers-Briggs Assessment to train over 2,300 people in 15 companies, five churches and five faith-based organizations – she has taught the Myers-Briggs Workshops at North Coast Church for the past 8 years. 

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