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Josee D’Amore – May 15 2013

Book photo Josee D'Amore[1]Join us May 5th as Josée D’Amore, LMFT and author of “The Soul’s Fight: Wrestling with Forgiveness” will be speaking on her personal journey of healing that was rooted in forgiveness.  We often want healing but don’t find it despite years of addressing it in various ways.  What is preventing healing from taking place in your life or the lives of your clients?  Josée will take you on a journey of discovering what forgiveness is and what it is not and how it impacts the healing process.  Come hear her story and leave with a new perspective on an often misunderstood and yet vital ingredient to the healing process.   Josée D’Amore has her private practice in La Mesa called Gems of Hope Counseling and uses forgiveness in her therapy practice with much success.  Visit www.Joseedamore.com

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Rigo Brueck – March 8th 2013

Bild1Join us March 8th when Rigo Brueck presens CRAFT  – Community Reinforcement and Family Training.  Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is an empirically supported program for the family members of treatment-refusing substance abusers that is designed to increase the odds of the substance user entering treatment, as well as improve the lives of the concerned family members.  CRAFT teaches the family members of addicts to modify their own behavior in relation to the substance abuser so that their clean and sober behavior is rewarded and drinking or drug use is experienced as less pleasant.  CRAFT is highly supported in the scientific literature and has been shown to be effective with individuals who suffer from addictions other than alcohol.  Rigo Brueck earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Freiburg, Germany. He has trained and worked with leading experts in the field of addiction, trauma, depression, and borderline personality disorder in Germany, Spain, and the US and is certified in numerous evidence based treatment protocols.  Currently he works at the North Coast Church Counseling Center in Vista. Visit his website at www.DrRigo.com.

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Janie Seltzer – January 11, 2013

Janie SeltzerJoin us January 11, 2013 when Janie Seltzer brings us, “Sacred Companions: Understanding the Distinctives of Spiritual Direction In Relation To and In Partnership With Therapy.”  Spiritual Direction is an ancient tradition practiced since the earliest days of Christianity.  However, for many people, particularly Protestants, it is an unfamiliar and rather mysterious term. That is precisely how Janie Seltzer felt even though she has actively served in a wide range of ministry roles her entire adult life.  Yet, it was her longtime passion for spiritual formation that God used to call Janie to pursue a Masters in Theology at Loyola Marymount in LA with an emphasis in Spiritual Direction.  The question for our CAPS presentation is what are the distinctives and boundaries of Spiritual Direction in relation to and in contrast with Therapy and how might they work in complementary roles?  Janie has been married to Don Seltzer for 39 years. Don is the former pastor of Wellington Presbyterian Church in Wellington, Florida and North Coast Presbyterian in Encinitas.  At present, Don and Janie lead a house church called Hidden Life Ministries, www.hiddenlife.com.  The Seltzers have two grown sons and a Golden Retriever who is a love-muffin, named Peaches.

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Jussi Light – November 2nd 2012

    Join us November 2nd when Jussi Light, LMFT presents Working with Parents and Teens using Emotionally Focused Therapy.  The bond between parents and children is arguably the strongest in all of human relationships – in scripture it is a metaphor given for God’s love towards us.  While that bond gets strained during adolescence, it often recovers as the family system shifts in response to the developmental changes underway.  Families who struggle to make this adjustment can get stuck in a cycle of conflict characterized by parental blaming and adolescent withdrawal and/or deception.  In more extreme cases, the emotional content of the parent’s communication towards the teen can negatively impact their developing sense of self and identity – and affect how teens view authority, and even God and faith.  But pointing out to a parent that they are doing something “wrong” that needs to “stop” can result in therapy that doesn’t go anywhere, or worse, therapists who give up on parents.  Attachment theory as applied in Emotionally Focused Therapy provides several solutions.  Join Jussi Light for a presentation on how EFT, which was originally developed for working with couples, has been broadened to apply to families and even spirituality.  Jussi Light is a certified EFT therapist & EFT supervisor-in-training.

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Pamela Hollings – September 14th 2012

Pamela Hollings

Pamela Hollings

Join us September 14th when Pamela Hollings, LCSW  &  Therapy Dog, Champ present  The Human Health Benefits of a Therapy Dog in the Clinical Setting.   Dogs have often been referred to as “Man’s Best Friend.”  Research studies are now discovering the healing benefits animals can have on both the emotional and physical health of people.  Pamela Hollings will provide information on the neuroscience of pet therapy and also share anecdotal stories about Champ’s work.  Champ is truly an instrument of God used to teach people about the power of unconditional love and is deserving of the title as Man’s Best Friend.  Pamela is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Carlsbad, where she specializes in work with depression, anxiety and trauma recovery. Pamela also enjoys work with couples.  More information about Pamela can be found on her website at www.PamelaHollings.com

Champ Having a Coffee Break

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Chip Whitman – May 11th 2012

Join us May 11th when Pastor Charles “Chip” Whitman, M.A. will present “Navigating the Currents of Loss, Grief, and Mourning.”  As Scott Peck reminded us in the first line of The Road Less Travelled, “Life is difficult”.  Loss is part of the difficulty of life.  But loss is not an adjunct to life, it is part of life. It is not the period at the end of the sentence, it is part of the sentence. When we realize that loss is part of our growth process, we may then begin to embrace the lessons learned.  In our time together we will learn how to best companion another through their grief journey. Often, we don’t know what to say after we’ve expressed our sorrow, so we grow silent.  Or we may feel we have to explain loss to someone, so we say too much when they’re not ready to listen.  We will discuss the five stages of grief, the four tasks of mourning, the need to understand purpose and identity and the role of the grief companion.  Chip is the Pastor of the Care & Counseling department at Emmanuel Faith Community Church. He has been a specialist in bereavement care for the past 27 years, and brings the compassion gained from 2 decades of pastoral experience to his competent counsel and teaching.

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